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Dog Licenses

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In accordance with Michigan Act 339 (The Dog Law), all dogs must be licensed at four months of age or older.  Each dog must be vaccinated with an approved rabies vaccine by a certified veterinarian. 

Oakland County dog licenses can be purchased at the Lyon Township Treasurer's Office, located at 58000 Grand River Avenue, New Hudson.  You must bring proof of rabies vaccination.  

New dog licenses can be purchased starting December 1st and will be good for the following year. Dog licenses must be purchased by June 1st so that they are not considered delinquent for that year.

Dog License Rates Through June 1st

Spayed or neutered: $10.50 ($28.50 for 3 year*)

Not spayed or neutered: $18.00 ($51.00 for 3 year*)

Senior rate (65 and older) - spayed or neutered: $9.75 ($26.25 for 3 year*)

Senior rate (65 and older) - not spayed or neutered: $16.50 ($46.50 for 3 year*)

Starting June 2nd, the cost of a dog license is $33.00, unless at least one of the following situations apply:

  • You are a new resident (within 30 days)
  • Your dog is new (within 30 days)
  • Your dog just turned four months of age (within 30 days)

In any of those situations, the non-delinquent rates would apply.

The rates for delinquent three year dog licenses are as follows:

Spayed or neutered: $51.00*

Not spayed or neutered: $66.00*

Senior rate (65 and older) - spayed or neutered: $49.50*

Senior rate (65 and older) - not spayed or neutered: $63.00*

*In order to purchase a three year license, your proof of rabies vaccination must be valid until a date during the year in which the three year license runs through.



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